Send us your story.


Please provide proof of your Vaccine ✅

Please send a detailed story starting with who you were before you got the Vaccine, how old are you? were you fit? Healthy? Or the opposite? Did you have health conditions prior? If so have you been able to manage it and how? A little about who you are, are you a parent?, full time worker? Sports enthusiast etc.

Why did you get the Vaccine, did you want it or not want it? did you believe it was safe and effective? did you believe in the science? do you still believe in the science? Was it mandated by your work or did you just want to travel or be able to fit into society? Was it peer pressure? We want a true representation of why you got the Vaccine no matter what the reason was. We do not discriminate.

We want the Dates when you got the Vaccine, which brand was it, 🅰️(AstraZeneca), 🅿️(Pfizer), Ⓜ️(Moderna), J&J (Johnson & Johnson or N⭕️VA (Novavax). did you get your 🅱️? (Booster) Which arm did you get it in? Did you experience anything Immediately or did it take hours, days, weeks or months for you to start experiencing adverse symptoms? We want to know what happened to you immediately after each procedure even if it was nothing at all.

We want your story in the correct timeline from beginning to end. What symptoms were you experiencing? How often were you experiencing them, describe the pain, where was it? how much was the pain on a scale of 1-10? Did you go to hospital in an ambulance? when you were in hospital or having appointments with specialists, how were you treated by the professionals? What tests did they run? Was there any experiences specifically that stood out?, was it a good experience or a bad experience?, what happened? What was your diagnosis and did they link it to the vaccine?, if they did, did they write it on paper? What did it say? what treatment did they put you on?

Finalise your story by telling us How long have you been experiencing symptoms for and what you are doing to improve your health? What symptoms are you still experiencing? what symptoms have improved? How many pills are you having to take a day? please list the medications you are taking, How much has this cost you financially?

What is your message to the world?

We will contact you before you are posted just to grab any extra details you may have missed plus a cover photo we can use for your story whether it be a portrait or an injury photo/video, that is up to you. the more graphical the more grabbing it is.

If you do not have an Instagram handle or you wish to remain anonymous, that is OK!, please create or send me an email we can use for the occasion so the community and media have a point of contact and are able to help you directly if they wish to.

We will not post you unless you have a public point of contact.

If you are suffering cognitively from the Vaccine and you need us to help write your story with you, let us know In the form by writing Interview In the “story box”and we will call you for a quick consult and one of our compassionate writers will interview you and write your story as you explain it.

It usually takes about 1- 2 hours depending how complex your story is.

Once your story is posted and depending what country you are in, we will send you extra information and some gifts to help you in your healing journey. We are developing more on the ground solutions as we speak and hope to increase the level of help we can give you.

Thank you very much for sharing your story with us. This is a numbers game and every story is a step closer to the undeniable truth.

When there is RISK
There must be CHOICE
This is your PROOF

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