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Our vision: A better, healthier and free South Africa for all. 

We want to work toward creating a space where individuals can enjoy their fundamental right and freedom to choose natural or alternative healing therapies. A safe place, that encourages bodily autonomy and responsibility.

There should be no negative or undue interference by government or corporations in an individual’s ability to exercise their human rights, particularly when such interference involves concealing or misrepresenting relevant information, or seeking to gain power or influence for their benefit.

Our mission to realise this vision includes but is not limited to the following proposals:

  • To empower people of our land through education. Vuka SA is laying foundations to become a resource hub. A place where you can find solutions or guidance to solutions to any medical, legal or work related problems.
  •  Knowledge is power, Wisdom is knowing how to use this knowledge.
  • Creating a common ground where medical practitioners both conventional and alternative can work together in finding health solutions.
  • Encouraging and promoting principles of self-reliance and independent living – to teach and train people how to live sustainably.
  • Building an alternative way of life – going back to basics – returning to a good wholesome way of life (the likes of our ancestors).

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