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Stand Up Australia


Inform. Educate. Connect. Empower.


We are on a mission to inspire, inform, connect and empower all people in Australia to think and act, to maximise our collective potential. Join us.

1.      Transformation

We connect with people to inspire each other, share successes, learn, build, and most importantly transform thinking and political systems.

2.      Empowerment

We create change by empowering all people in Australia with innovative and solution-based ideas, tools and skills to improve their lives.  We build genuine pathways for the people, who believe in change, to have a sense of hope for the future, and to stand-up & feel compelled to act.

3.      Collaboration

We partner and collaborate with likeminded community organisations and people with access to resources and knowledge that can help us to achieve our vision.

In 2019 the world changed for everyone, whether we recognise it or not, we were suddenly jolted away from a sovereign lifestyle where we made our own decisions, moved about freely, expressed our views, and participated in our communities as we chose.

Today, we live in a complex world, run by authoritarian politicians, who rarely refer to the people they represent, and opt to do the bidding of their political parties, corporates, and globalists instead.

Historians and Economic Historians will tell you that regimes always end at the hands of the people. When the wealth gaps grow too big, when value gaps emerge, when governments seek to dominate the people and when economic inequality pervades everyday lives, people always STAND UP. No matter the agenda of the wealthy and powerful – the elite.

High cost of fuel, housing and rental affordability, the cost of food, food security, inflation, the declining value of our currencies and smaller purchasing power, cost of energy, printing of money are all symptoms of a corrupt and incompetent system that no longer acts for the benefit of the people it serves.

Stand-Up Now is a team of passionate, every-day people who have created a platform to inform you, maybe outrage you, certainly to empower and activate you to stand-up for your family, community, and country now.

Join us in the revolution today, sign-up now and hear about how you can change your world.