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Scott Marsh – A Symbol of Rebellion

My name is Scott Marsh I’m a graffiti/street artist based in Sydney.

‘A Symbol of Rebellion’ is a project I’m undertaking interviewing Vaccine injured people, giving them a chance to communicate their stories and experience through a podcast, then painting their portrait as a large mural. The murals will include a QR code linking passers by to the corresponding podcast.

I aim to travel and paint all over the country with this project. This is something I have wanted to start for about 6-8 months but until recently I have not been physically able to paint due to my own vaccine injury and long covid issues.

I have been disgusted with the conversation about vaccine injuries, there has been a high level of censorship on social media and in the mainstream media refuses to report on these issues. There is very real human suffering happening on a scale I think much of the population is unaware of, thousands of Aussies desperately need help and recognition. I’m hoping this project can start a public conversation about covid vaccines injuries and lift the stigma around this issue letting people know its ok to speak publicly and question these products.

The biggest hurdle with projects like this is available walls to paint, so if you have a large exterior wall (approx 1.5-3 stories, with minimal windows/pipes etc) anywhere is Australia and would be happy to donate it to this project at no cost to you please reach out to

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