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Old Port Chambers is a firm involved in COVID-19 vaccination related matters. We have represented hundreds of clients in both government and private sector positions.

Matters include, but are not limited to;

  1. Disputing COVID-19 vaccination as a requirement of employment
  2. Unfair dismissals as a result of a company COVID-19 vaccination policy
  3. Back pay for not being allowed to work due to a COVID-19 vaccination policy
  4. Vaccine Injuries and Workcover

We are also looking for any and all information regarding vaccine related deaths and injuries. The sooner this information is uncovered, the faster the policies and compensation can potentially be awarded. If you know, or have heard of, anything in relation to a friend or family member being seriously injured or dying following COVID-19 vaccination your information will be very important.

If you have any information about this, or would like to inquire about our legal services, please contact us at;


Phone: (08) 8447 2008 or (+61) 421 334 867

An initial appointment and assessment of your case is free of any charge.

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