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Just An Artist Questioning

I’m an artist & illustrator living in Victoria, Australia. Before alarm bells started going off surrounding all the covid stuff, I had wrapped up my illustration career and was happily painting pretty pictures and learning ceramics. My questioning nature and frustration with the information we were being given surrounding covid forced me to put aside those projects, and return to illustration in the form of cartoons. I only started them to simply get all the frustrations off my chest. My Instagram grew unexpectedly and people started expressing their gratitude towards what I was doing. I now see the cartoons as a way for other people struggling with what’s going on to not feel so alone, and to raise awareness for the forgotten: the people that were impacted by the mandates and lockdowns, and the vaccine injured and bereaved. I also hope that my cartoons help to wake some people up by getting them to think about what’s going on from a different perspective.