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For months, all Italians have been subjected to continuous harassment by the government in the workplace and in society. Life, as we understood it before the pandemic, has been made impossible through the constant restrictions and customs clearance of the so-called "green pass".

The aim is that of mass adherence to an anticovid vaccination campaign which, however, leaves many doubts, both for the real functioning of the serums and for the countless adverse reactions to them.
For Europe alone, there is talk of millions of adverse reactions, even serious ones, and thousands of documented deaths, of which the mainstream media do not speak or speak minimally, minimizing the real extent of the phenomenon.

The feeling is that the institutions almost want to make these people disappear by making them invisible.
For this reason we have decided to make a documentary that aims to bring attention to the real gravity of these cases through the voices of the injured but also of professionals from the world of health and the judiciary.

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