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How To Get Your Batch Number (Australia) UPDATED 8/5/24

How To Get Your COVID Jab Batch Number/s (Australia) and Searching for Relevant Data.

OPTION 1: Contact vaccination provider (GP, Pharmacist, Medical Centre, Hospital etc.) by phone/email and provide details of date/s for dose 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. Check which COVID jab brand or TNS (type not specified). You may need to provide proof of ID (Medicare card, driver's licence etc.). Request batch numbers for each dose.

OPTION 2: Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)

1. Ring 1800 653 809 Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm.

2. Asked to be guided over phone to obtain COVID 'vaccine' batch numbers. You may need to get an “International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate” online using myGov and Medicare. Follow this webpage from Services Australia

3. Get proof of COVID-19 Digital Vaccination Certificate (IHI - Individual Health Identifier - it has 16 digits, like a credit card number) with dates of jabs and doses.

4. Request International Vax Certificate (no payment involved).

5. Provide current passport number. If no current Australian passport, ask A.I.R. government person on the phone if you can provide them with your Medicare card number, with reference and expiry date and driver's licence number, as proof of ID. Ask for batch numbers, doses, jab brand name and date/s of jab/s to be emailed directly to you as proof of 'vaccination'.

OPTION 3: Access your MyGov account

TGA DAEN case numbers with some batch numbers are listed on TGA FOI 3545 (Excel document), FOI 4769 (PDF document) & TGA DAEN (Database of Adverse Event Notifications).


1. TGA Batch Release Assessment of COVID-19 'vaccines' 

Once batch number/s verified, go to this TGA batch release assessment website and scroll down to search engine box and type in the batch number to discover the official TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) release date of batch number/s. Find jab batch numbers listed in Australia between 9/2/2021 to current. Note the COVID-19 brand name and release date.

2. TGA FOI (Freedom of Information) Disclosure Log 

Scroll down to archive section for publication date 25 March 2022. Click and download FOI 3545 Excel document. This provides TGA DAEN case reference numbers, batch numbers and dose no. (over 100,000 case reference numbers, but only about 50,000 batch numbers – up to 15/01/2022). 

Also go to FOI 4769 (published 17th Nov. 2023) showing batch numbers for TGA DAEN case numbers from 16.01.2022 to 19.10.2023 (scroll from pages 438-946 to see TGA DAEN case numbers and batch numbers).


Click "I have read and understand the above". Put in dates from and to (click word “range” to alter dates). Type COVID into search engine and choose all or select the jab brand ‘medicines’ including optional TNS (type not specified). Use filters on right hand side by choosing list from MeDRA system organ class, MeDRA reactions (use search engine to help), age and gender (sex). Search and view TGA DAEN case reports.

4. To match Batch Numbers to TGA DAEN case numbers, utilise database on (wait for database to be uploaded as there are over 140,000+ case reports on TGA DAEN - Database of Adverse Event Notifications) relating to COVID-19 jabs from 21.12.2020 onwards. This database is updated weekly (by volunteers), with data sourced from TGA DAEN website.

5. See this 28 mins tutorial video on how to use the free OpenDAEN database.

6. See this 16 mins tutorial video on how to lodge an adverse event on TGA system.