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Covid Victims Portraits

As a longtime conspiracy realist, I was concerned about these injections from the moment Bill Gates announced that the world would "not go back to normal until there was a vaccine." I spent hundreds of hours researching the situation before the rollout and felt helpless when the first victims stories started pouring in. I knew I needed to do something, anything, to help the cause, and the idea came to raise awareness through art. As a portrait artist, I chose to do what I do best - paint people's faces. I figured this would be a way to both acknowledge the victims and their pain, and to gently illustrate to others some of the horrific side effects of the experiment. It was important to me from the beginning to not create more division and polarity, but to come from a place of love and compassion. I started asking people in a Facebook group called "Covid Victims Families" if they would like me to memorialize their deceased relatives and tell their stories, and got positive responses. That group was censored at 250,000 members, but I was able to paint a few before it was axed. Once I started sharing on Instagram, the page grew organically (in spite of heavy shadowbanning), and people now reach out to me to have portraits done. I send the paintings to the injured or the family of the deceased as a gift. This has been the most meaningful project I've done in my life

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