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Covid Vax Class Action Australia

If you suspect you, a family member, or friend has experienced a serious adverse event after vaccination you are invited to join a class action for compensation. There is no cost to join and no requirement to prove the vaccination caused the injury or death.
A serious adverse event post vaccination could include: myocarditis, pericarditis, chest pain, neurological symptoms, autonomic dysfunction, blood clots, stroke, aggressive cancers, tachycardia, cytokine storm syndrome, sudden onset of an illness or disease, or death. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Database of Adverse Event Notifications (DAEN) records these and many other adverse events post covid vaccination.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the action?
The action will argue that the TGA/ John Skerritt and others are responsible for compensation for injuries due to failures in approving and safety monitoring (regulating) the covid vaccines.
Is there any cost to join?
No. This action has been started by a doctor, who has engaged a barrister, and has self funded the legal costs to date in order to get the case filed in the Federal Court of Australia. It is anticipated others will also want to contribute to the legal costs, and this is encouraged, as we fight for justice together.
Who is eligible to join?
Anyone who has been injured or has lost a loved one is eligible to join the class action. There is no requirement to prove the injury or death was caused by the vaccine, only that the injury or death occurred after the date of vaccination. The injury may be an escalation of a previously known illness or autoimmune condition. In Australia class actions are ''Opt out" so people can withdraw at any time.
It is not an issue if patients have already lodged a Government compensation scheme claim.
You want to join. What’s the next step?
Email with your name, city/state you live in, best contact number and a brief description of what has happened to you.
Who will benefit if the case succeeds?
Potentially all those who have been injured in Australia would receive compensation if this class action succeeds. Those who have joined, and are named in the class action, generally receive additional compensation as determined by the courts.
There is no litigant funder or any other person (not the doctor/ barrister/ lawyers or anyone) who will receive any percentage of the compensation. All the compensation will go to the injured/deceased family.
How is this case different to other covid related cases?
This case is not a judicial review, it is a Common Law compensation claim.
What happens if the case loses?
It doesn’t stop any patient from taking further action against any other party, such as their vaccine provider, their employer, the state premiers/ chief health officers and others. It only means that the same class action, against the same persons, cannot be filed again.
How can I help?
Please share this information and the website with those you know who have suffered vaccine injuries and encourage them to email to add their name to the class action or get more information.
If you are in a position to help financially, please consider donating, or share the link for the legal fees fundraiser: \
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