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Clarity On Health

Clarity on Health is an independent Australian medical media business dedicated to the provision of top-quality medical journalism.

We started in December 2021 and are currently concentrating on raising questions Australians may have about responses by governments and other organisations to the covid pandemic.

The first project in this area was the Australian Survey of Reasons for COVID-19 Vaccination which provides evidence that thousands of Australians felt they were coerced to be injected.

Our Mandate Update project began in August 2022 and has helped to document which large employers are still mandating the covid injections. This project is in urgent need of volunteers to continue.

Our Excess Deaths project was launched in February 2023 and aims to bring to the attention of the Australian public the fact that deaths in 2022 were hugely higher than normal. Less than half of these deaths were from covid itself, and it’s not clear how many of those were of people who had received the injections. In our opinion, the reason(s) for the large number of extra deaths have not yet been properly investigated.




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