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Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc

The Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc. (AVN) exists to further a pro-choice position with regard to vaccination and other health decisions.
The AVN is NOT anti-vaccination, nor are we pro-vaccination, we are PRO-CHOICE.

The AVN provides a forum with information for you to consider while developing an informed choice. The choice you make after fully investigating the issue should be honoured and respected.
Your choices include:
1. to vaccinate fully
2. to vaccinate selectively or to a modified schedule of your own choosing, or
3. to not vaccinate at all
There should be no intimidation, coercion or ridicule when it comes to decisions about your health, or that of your family. The AVN does not provide health advice. If questions arise for you after reading material that the AVN publishes, you should seek advice or clarification from your chosen healthcare provider.

The AVN advocates for choice in vaccination and shares information and facilitates discussion amongst its membership around the central position that the risk/benefit arguments FOR vaccination are NOT as clear-cut as we are routinely told by governments and medical authorities.

Our aim is to provide a forum where informed choices can be made. The information can be shared and discussed, empowering our members and supporters to truly exercise their informed consent, by clarifying what decisions are possible around this issue and why you might make them. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we aim to provide all relevant links to the mainstream or government perspective (as it relates to our content) for you to investigate and weigh against the ideas and information we present.

In the past the AVN acted to provide whatever support and advice we could for people (often parents and children) who sadly, were injured or otherwise negatively affected by vaccine use. The AVN however is NOT a health-service provider and so our direct support functions extend only to directing people toward other safe support networks such as private Facebook pages and other groups.

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