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Las Vacunas

Afectados Por Las Vacunas

Affected by vaccines is a social and civil INITIATIVE that aims to give visibility to the number of people who are being affected by effects and repercussions that have negatively impacted their lives, derived from vaccines, especially the experimental drug authorized for use emergency called “covid 19 vaccine”.

To this end, we mainly collect TESTIMONIES from those affected who recount, argue and demonstrate their experiences, both directly: in the first person, and indirectly: from direct or close relatives, who due to their condition cannot present direct testimony.

All the testimonials will be anonymous by default for their publication on the web, where we will expose them, except, by desire and explicit authorization of the testimonial that expresses its desire not to remain anonymous.

In addition, we want to see the hopeful and positive aspect of this situation, since we understand that there is a vital need to seek SOLUTIONS for those who already suffer the disastrous consequences of having been inoculated. For this reason, we also want to give voice to the testimonies of those who, despite everything, have found or are in the process of finding ways that allow them to restore their quality of life prior to the impact that vaccination has caused on them.

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