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We have created a safe place for every injured person who shares their story with us. 

For every person that actively submits a journal entry, it will feed onto the Jab Injuries Global Journal below, so no matter what time of the day/night it is, someone from anywhere around the world can see you and be there for you in your time of need.

Hello everyone, my name is Nadeen, I was diagnosed with FND and POTS last year after my post on the page, the treatments I recieved from the medical fields has been minimal, I had to scream for outpatients rehab due to deconditioning so bad I could hardly walk due to paralysis. I entered 8 weeks of rehab, physio, ep, ot, psyc ect I had a bit of improvement however I am still not able to do much. I saw a public cardiologist who only has tried to give me meds, that I refuse to take due to more symptoms and opted for homeopathy instead. With no supports I've been going on a personal spiritual journey, I do yin yoga, Meditate, read and I'm more regulated to manage my symptoms. However I am still disabled the spiritual inner work has been better than any doctor can prescribe. I also refuse to go to Emergency again due to the terrible treatments so if I have seizures ect I've found ways to manage better at home. My partner is now my full time carer, which means financial hardship however we have never been well off to start with.   I still have after 14 months live daily with, cognitive issues, walk and gait issues, dystonia, speech and swallowing issues, dystonia, fatigue, migraine, light and noise sensitivity, tremors, tics, neuro pain, brain pain and seizures depending on how much I do or just because my body wants too, fatigue, weakness. So my symptoms have never really stopped. I have also figured out that depending what I eat I pass out in and out for hours so I can only eat once a day and only certain foods, I'm 48kg but have been able to maintain it. I also experience tachycardia from POTS my heart rate is still quite high and impacts how long I can stand or sit, do an activity, with diet changes and homeopathy it has decreased a bit. I experience adrenaline dumps dissociative attacks aswell. Every day is a battle to talk, walk, stand or function much.

Well turns out some lumps have appeared where my rash was and they are Merkel cell cancers. First to be removed on the 3/04/2023 . This is being done privately. At a cost of 1.5k . Also I got my go fund me and my pay pal taken off me due to breaching business standards about being anti vax . So unfair. If anyone would like to be in contact please feel free at lovelylee76@hotmail.com

Hi all thanks for accepting me.  I just wanted to let people know that I started a Gofundme to help cover cost of my many medical appts. I got $1300 dollars worth of donations and was so thankful we paid for my last appt at cardiologist. Only to then see go fund me start refunding people . Due to someone seeing my donations and page. And are saying that people that don't Vax are anti and they won't support that.  So they will donate , then they have the right to get there donations back for a up to a year   it's called a donors guarantee. This happened and now I have gofund me taking money out of my account . Has actually made me worse off. On a side note my itchy has flared back up and have found does not cope with the heat anymore

Going through a bad flare at the moment, the swollen glands are awful! I know mine's not covered because I wasn't even the sick with covered our head at twice. It's absolutely awful I'm getting really sick of the flares, just keep thinking maybe I'm Finally healed from it all and then Bang happens again

hello everyone. nice to be part of this community. will keep you updated on my vaccine injury and will be checking everyones updates. I hope everyone starts to make recoveries soon.

Going through a MASSIVE flare still, sore throat swollen glands the works. had two nights basically zero sleep due to coughing, really hoping its not the big COVID. god i love being able to say that word now   hope everyone is doing ok

First person to be posting on jab injuries global! (wooooo) so thankful to be apart of a bigger community who understands. Going through a rough patch at the moment, had a leg scan today to check for anything bad. and a bad sickness, hoping it'll get better soon. will update when things improve, they tried giving me antibiotics!