Twenty-three-year-old Caitlin Gotze was fit, strong, and healthy, but 49 days after her second Pfizer injection on 28 September 2021, she was dead. Freedom of choice wasn’t an option for Caitlin, and she either had the vaccine or she didn’t have a job. Thousands of others suffered, but Caitlin paid the ultimate price when her […]

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Clarity on Health is an independent Australian medical media business dedicated to the provision of top-quality medical journalism. We started in December 2021 and are currently concentrating on raising questions Australians may have about responses by governments and other organisations to the covid pandemic. The first project in this area was the Australian Survey of

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I have been campaigning for the jab injured for the last three years. I started with grassroots activism on roadside corners and in shopping centres to raise awareness for those that had been harmed. In July 2023 I walked from Melbourne to Brisbane to beat national censorship and to raise awareness for jab injuries Australia.

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I am writing this in the hope that other people in my situation will see this and know they are not alone, know that your pain is felt not just by me, know that there are new things being discovered every day, to help people understand what really happened during the last few years and

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Master Wolf Blind Eye – Master Wolf Released on: 2022-12-31   Still Cry is a heartcry for all those who have lost loved ones.… especially in the last 3 years……. a lament for all those injured and lost through ‘tyranny and fear’. It’s a song of recognition for those who have been taken, and

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Questioning Lockdown Moira M. Malcolm  

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Hello Everyone, My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the

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The Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration was written to raise awareness about the vast numbers of health professionals who have been censored when attempting to raise awareness of significant harms caused by government Covid-19 policies. These harms included lockdowns, suppression of early treatment, and coercion through mask and vaccine mandates. Our position is that these various

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